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Family Vacation


Is your family visiting the OBX? Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy fine dining without leaving the comfort of your vacation rental? You can! With Modern Coastal Cookery personal chef services you can spend the day on the beach relaxing and enjoying time with your family while gourmet meals are prepared to suit your tastes and dietary needs. We use the freshest local ingredients and offer several personal chef services to meet your families vacationing needs.

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At Modern Coastal Cookery, we do all the heavy lifting from menu planning to sourcing fresh, organic ingredients and assembling mind-blowing dishes in the comfort of your vacation rental.There’s no shopping, prepping, and most importantly – NO DISHES! You’ll be a fully engaged in the colorful conversation at the dinner table. Your family will be dazzled by fine dining dishes in the comfort of their board shorts and polos.
And there’s no corralling the kids to into the tub to wash up and get ready to go out, no arguments over where to dine, and no anxiously waiting for a table for 45 minutes. Simply enjoy your day on the beach, hang at the pool as long as you like, and let Chef Virginia make a meal that everyone will be talking about for days (heck maybe years!) We tailor your menu and dining experience according to your dietary needs and preferences.

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